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Conditions for Customers Ordering Perishables!

Please take into consideration your location when ordering foods that need to be refrigerated. Will your order make it to you without spoiling? This all depends on how far away you are and also depends on the weather.

We have no control over a carton once it leaves here in central Massachusetts. If your carton will take a week to reach you, then your herring, cheese or caviar might spoil.

We highly suggest UPS's second day air for perishables. We suggest next day air for the frozen items.

We recommend optional styrofoam lined, wax coated boxes that say RUSH PERISHABLES. The box is $7.00 and we can also provide reuable ice packs for $1.00 each.

The these shipping precautions for foods are solely your responsibility and decision. We do suggest these above options to keep your foods as fresh as possible.

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